Who says romance is dead? Valentine’s Night Meal on a Hill

IMG_2204My plan – a meal on a hill in mid-February with someone who is none too keen on the cold what could go wrong? I spent a lot of time in the days leading up to this evening checking the weather forecast but it looked like the weather would be relatively kind clear skies which would make a change from the constant rain during the week before. The downer was real feel temperature of -7ºC due to the northerly wind, however, I was fairly sure that the hill I’d picked faced south so we could find some shelter.
Next up was to cook a suitable vegan meal that could be easily re-heated a quick search on
Yummly.com – mushroom bourginon – sorted.
Now the tricky part convincing Genie to leave the warm house and venture out for a few hours, after a bit of cajoling we were ready to go with a pre-arranged lift to the start point. Twenty minutes walking through the woods and we’d reached our destination a log with a southerly view towards the South Downs. Tucked up behind the log sheltering from the IMG_2206cold wind it was time to get the stove on the go crack open the fizz. Whilst the stove done its’ job it was great chance to gaze at the skies, learn another set of stars, see the international space station pass over (totally unplanned but really cool) and marvel at the amount of planes stacked in holding patterns waiting to land at Gatwick.
Dinner eaten, drink drunk just time to tidy up and head back down the hill, on reaching the bottom quick phone call to arrange lift home and time to pop in the pub for a quick whisky.
Certainly a different way to spend Valentines evening and one I won’t forget in a hurry.